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Archery Through the Ages

Archery has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. Be it the war field or the hunting ground, it was archery which made man victorious. Archers have been an indispensable part of Egyptian, Indian, Greek and Persian civilizations. These archers were highly adorned and respected; in fact special training was provided to people who wanted to master the art of archery. Bows and arrows are the main constituents of archery. Studies have shown that the earliest bows were developed in either the early Mesol...


An Introduction to Archery Target Shooting

Archery is a sport that involves shooting arrows at a target. The closer you shoot the arrow to the center of the targets, the more your score will be. The scored targets of each player are added and the person with the highest total is declared as the winner. Target games are categorized into to types: field and target. In target play, each player shoots arrows from various distances at one target, and in field archery the players are allowed to move around in the course and shoot at targets of various s...


Picking the Ideal Hunting Bow

As a bow hunter, you know the importance of choosing the right bow. It is always a personal choice. There are a number of bows on the market. There are also plenty of accessories that go with them. When the time comes for you to pick the right bow, consider the same things that you would if you were going to purchase a pair of hunting boots. You want to find a bow that is adequately fit, durable, and easy to use. As with all other hunting equipment, nothing beats quality when choosing a bow. Due to the she...


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